Thinking Brick with Anupama Kundoo

Free talk at Arken: The Indian architect Anupama Kundoo reflects on the role of bricks in her architectural practice.

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CAFx ARKEN: Thinking Brick with Anupama Kundoo

Listen to the renowned architect Anupama Kundoo talking about her love for and use of bricks in connection with her eclectic film program Thinking Brick, which, among other things, includes the screening of the late filmmaker Harun Farocki’s In Comparison, Heinz Emigholz’s portrait film Dieste about the Uruguayan architect Eladio Dieste and a portrait film about Anupama Kundoo.

The museum admission ticket gives access to the events. On the occasion of the events CAFx is co-hosting, the ticket will be reduced by 10% for CAFx Community Members.


From 13 October 2023 to 16 February 2024, ARKEN Museum for Contemporary Art is showing the large-scale exhibition Bricks – Per Kirkeby, which is dedicated to Per Kirkeby’s (1938-2018) monumental brick sculptures. Late in life, the well-known Danish artist gave permission for the brick sculptures to be built posthumous, and a selection of the rare sculptures now fills the museum’s large Art Axis.

Brick is typically Danish — an integral part of the building culture from medieval churches to modernist detached houses. Kirkeby’s sculptures are at once recognisable in their everyday use of bricks and sublime in their monumental primaeval forms. However, much has happened since Per Kirkeby created his brick sculptures. Topics such as nature-based solutions, raw materials, material and resource consumption have become hot topics in relation to the construction industry’s gigantic CO2 footprint, natural crises and the role of architecture. We strongly emphasize this in the borderland between art and architecture.

In connection with the exhibition Bricks – Per Kirkeby, CAFx collaborates with ARKEN on curating a broad-spectrum public program through several media and formats and with guests from home and abroad.

Thanks to Realdania for supporting the event program.
Thanks to L’Institut Francais for supporting Lina Ghotmeh’s visit and Goethe Institut Dänemark for supporting Anupama Kundoo’s visit.

The event is free, but admission ticket for Arken must be purchased.

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