International project leadership

Become a skilled project manager focusing on strong communication and personal growth. Project management course in English.


This program gives you the tools to boost your teamwork and effectively lead projects in various environments. Join the program and unlock your full potiental as a succesful project manager!

About the training

This program teaches you how to be a great project leader no matter the industry. We’ll focus on your personal development and growth. You’ll learn how to better communicate and motivate your colleagues. You’ll also learn how to facilitate meetings to get the best outcome, and you’ll get tools to navigate through conflicts.

Tailored for employees in international businesses, this program aims to address challenges and needs that arise in diverse work environments.

We’ll delve into essential project management principles, covering communication, team motivation, meeting facilitation, and conflict resolution – all crucial elements for success in a project management role.

After completing the course, you’ll have a strong understanding of what it means to be a project manager. You’ll be able to navigate and communicate effectively in a multicultural work environment. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other international colleagues and exchange experiences and challenges.

Learning method

During the training, we blend theory with practical learning. In addition to traditional teaching, there will be case studies and practical exercises. You’ll spend a lot of the time being actively involved, so you can train your acquired skills right away. You should be prepared to participate actively and engage in group work. Years of experience tells us, that this provides you with the very best learning experience

Who is the course for?

This program is a personal development course for (a) Nordic project managers working for success on international projects and (b) for expatriate project managers working for success in Nordic countries. . Whether you’re a project manager on one or on several projects, a contract manager, client consultant, architect, engineer, or a specialist with designated project management tasks, this program will boost your internatonal project leaderships skills.

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The course is conducted in English.


The price is DKK  19.999,00 ex. VAT 
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