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ICT Management Education

An education that equips you to act professionally in connection with ICT construction projects. This is Denmark’s most recognized ICT education with over 1000 trained ICT managers. After finishing the education, you receive a certificate.

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The ICT Management Education™ for construction professionals

The ICT Management Education™ equips you to drive your projects to the finish line with minimized risk, and to obtain more successfull projects that are complient with requirements. Moreover, the education covers the new AB18, ABR18, and YBL18 guidelines, explaining the implications for you as an ICT Manager and for the client and project stakeholders. The education teaches you how to make informed ICT decisions and to work towards the best results as an ICT manager.

What do you learn?

  • Gain the skills to practice effective ICT Management

  • Learn about the ICT regulations, AB18, ABR18 and YBL18, and their implications for your speficic role

  • Learn how ICT agreements are structured and which contractual requirements are important

  • Gain knowledge about legal factors, Facility Management and Change Management in relation to ICT