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‘Club Zero’: Arne Jacobsen on film

Experience Arne Jacobsen as the primary scenographer in Jessica Hausner’s latest thriller-comedy ‘Club Zero’.

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Pre-premiere: Experience Arne Jacobsen as the primary scenographer in Jessica Hausner’s latest thriller-comedy Club Zero, with Mia Wasikowski in the lead role of a teacher and Sidse Babett-Knudsen in the role of a rector.

Sometimes, the interest in a film is sparked not by the lead actor or the director but instead by the set design. Club Zero captivates, partly because of the director and the lead actor — but for architecture-passionate cinemagoers, the film stands out, as most of it was filmed at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. The site is a late project by Arne Jacobsen and, like other significant projects by Jacobsen, can still be experienced as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

The buildings are still in use — and as good architecture often does, the place continues to inspire.

As an introduction to this preview of Club Zero, architecture and design specialist Marie-Louise Høstbo will introduce Arne Jacobsen’s work St. Catherine’s College in Oxford, from 1964, which represents the background for the film’s scenography. After the film, there will be the opportunity to share the film experience over a drink at the bar.

Ticket price: 100 DKK